The objective of learning Buddhism is to teach you to be reflective in your life. With an optimistic and well balanced mind, one can enjoy life freely and spontaneously without obstacles. ~Vajra Acharya Lianseng~

The Pure Six Sense Organs Inaction Dharma; Self Conscious Internal Cultivation Unsurpassed Deity

True Buddha Vijaya Temple Jade Pond Golden Mother Deliverance Humo Ceremony On September 2nd, 2012, the True Buddha Vijaya Temple …

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The True Buddha Vijaya Temple Affinity

Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s Dharma Talk on the True Buddha Vijaya Temple Opening Ceremony June 1998 Translated by Zjen Thak Edited …

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Upcoming Events
  • 1/1/13 ─ New Year's Day - Temple Closed
  • 1/10/13; 7:30pm ─ City Diety's Birthday
  • 1/26/13-1/27/13 ─ Annual Temple Cleaning
  • 2/4/13; 7:30pm ─ Welcome the Annual Guardian for the Year of the Snake
  • 2/9/13; 8pm ─ Welcome the Lunar New Year
  • 2/10/13; 11am ─ Great Offering Before the Buddhas
  • 2/17/13; 1pm ─ Vijaya Buddha Mother Fire Ceremony
  • 3/13/13; 7:30pm ─ Earth Diety Birthday
  • 3/24/24/13; 1pm ─ Avalokitesvara Fire Ceremony
    • How to register:Please bring the registration forms to the temple, or send to us via mail. We accept registration now, please print your name, address clearly. Registration fee is on donation basis.
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    • Please mail the registration forms to us. Check Title:True Buddha Vijaya Temple (or T.B.V.T.)
    • Address:3440 Foothill Blvd. Oakland CA U.S.A.
    • Phone:(510)532-9888 Fax:(510)536-7363

    Latest News

    For the benefit of all sentient beings, the True Buddha Vijaya Temple frequently hosts various types events every month. We will always provide you with the latest news and update regarding these events, and we welcome you to join us. 3) Location of this sentence: bottom left, 2nd column

    Temple Altar Tour

    We will introduce you the history of the True Buddha Vijaya Temple, and provide a tour of each of our austere and exquisite altars in the temple. Our temple will leave you feeling like a Buddha in the pure lands.

    Temple Service

    The True Buddha Vijaya Temple is a place for learning Buddhism and cultivation. Additionally, the temple also provides many services to benefit disciples and society, such as the Annual Deity registration, ancestor memorial plaque registration, wisdom light registration, and “White Ceremonies” (services for the dying and deceased), Lotus Light Charity Society donations, and others.


    Here we faithfully present to you many precious activities’ pictures and videos. They record the footprint of the True Buddha Vijaya Temple’s growth and we hope that you too can share with us the delight and experience in learning Buddhism and cultivation.