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The Kind One Who Offers Dharma and Wealth; Vowing To Spread the Dharma and Benefit Sentient Beings

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The Pure Six Sense Organs Inaction Dharma; Self Conscious Internal Cultivation Unsurpassed Deity

True Buddha Vijaya Temple Jade Pond Golden Mother Deliverance Humo Ceremony On September 2nd, 2012, the True Buddha Vijaya Temple in Oakland, CA, U.S.A hosted a disaster eliminating and fortune blessing Jade Pond Golden Mother Fire Ceremony to commemorate the deity’s birthday and the once a year Zhongyuan (Ghost Month Deliverance) festival. The ceremony was hosted by Master Lianseng along …

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The True Buddha Vijaya Temple Affinity

Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s Dharma Talk on the True Buddha Vijaya Temple Opening Ceremony June 1998 Translated by Zjen Thak Edited by Woon Ket Wong Proofread by Renée Cordsen

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