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The Kind One Who Offers Dharma and Wealth; Vowing To Spread the Dharma and Benefit Sentient Beings

True Buddha Vijaya Temple Jade Yellow Jambhala Humo Ceremony

On October 7th, 2012, the True Buddha Vijaya Temple in Oakland, CA, U.S.A. hosted a disaster eliminating and fortune blessing Yellow Jambhala Ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Master Lianseng along with dharma brother Woon Ket and dharma sister Yi Ying as the assistants.

The ceremony started at 1p.m and was conducted following the ritual procedure. Master Lianseng led the attendees to recite the Root Guru mantra, True Buddha Sutra, and Yellow Jambhala mantra. Amidst the great Yellow Jambhala mantra recitation, Master Lianseng lighted the fire, submitted offerings in the fire altar, and performed the disaster elimination and fortune blessing mudras.

After the fire ceremony ended, Master Lianseng gave a splendid dharma talk. In the talk, he introduced the five types of Jambhalas in Vajrayana Buddhism and each of their characteristics and merits. He also taught in detail the method to develop the good karma to become wealthy, as well as the different methods for poor and rich people to benefit others. While cultivating for wealth, Master Lianseng reminded the attendees do not be attached to it. The larger the desire, the smaller the merit will be. In contrast, the smaller the desire, the larger the merit will be. Master Lianseng also taught the Great Offering Dharma on behalf of Grand Master. At last, Master Lianseng encouraged everyone to deliver the sentient beings diligently, perform the kind deeds and give, and hope everyone’s wisdom and merit will grow and accomplish in cultivation.

The splendid dharma talk ended with a big round of applause. Subsequently, Master Lianseng performed the consecration for statues placed on the Consecration Table and blessed the Great Compassion Water. At the end, he represented Grand Master to give the Yellow Jambhala blessing empowerment and Great Offering empowerment. The ceremony ended auspiciously with the solemn chanting of the Root Guru’s Heart Mantra.

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