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True Buddha Vijaya Temple Jade Pond Golden Mother Deliverance Humo Ceremony

On September 2nd, 2012, the True Buddha Vijaya Temple in Oakland, CA, U.S.A hosted a disaster eliminating and fortune blessing Jade Pond Golden Mother Fire Ceremony to commemorate the deity’s birthday and the once a year Zhongyuan (Ghost Month Deliverance) festival. The ceremony was hosted by Master Lianseng along with dharma sisters Ming and Yuet Xing as the assistants.

The ceremony started at 1p.m. and was conducted following the ritual procedure. Master Lianseng led the attendees to pray for Grand Master, buddhas, and bodhisattvas to radiate blessing lights upon the ceremony so that it could be conducted auspiciously. Also. the True Buddha Sutra was recited. Amidst the great Jade Pond Golden Mother mantra recitation, Master Lianseng lighted the fire, submitted offerings in the fire altar, and performed the disaster elimination and fortune blessing mudras.

After the fire ceremony ended, Master Lianseng gave a splendid dharma talk. First of all, he expressed gratitude towards our Root Guru, buddhas and bodhisattva for their blessing, and the welcomed the attendance of Veil Parasol True Buddha Chapter president, dharma sister Marianne Hung dharma and members. Master Lianseng then described the real meaning of deliverance and how a during a ceremony a master uses self cultivation merit to deliver the spirits. In detail, he also introduced the different levels in deliverance. Master Lianseng emphasized that the unsurpassed deliverance method is through the wisdom of emptiness that is taught to the spirit. This allows them to truly be delivered. It is the same method that is used by Grand Master. Lastly, Master Lianseng explained the merits of using the Heart Sutra to deliver spirits. The splendid dharma talk ended with a big round of applause.

Subsequently, Master Lianseng performed the consecration for statues placed on the Consecration Table and blessed the Great Compassion Water. At the end, he represented Grand Master to give the Jade Pond Golden Mother blessing empowerment. The ceremony ended auspiciously with the solemn chanting of the Root Guru’s Heart Mantra.

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