Mission of the Temple

The Mission of True Buddha Vijaya Temple

    The mission of this temple is in accordance with Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s teaching, which is to teach people to follow the truth that is based on Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings, and to apply the True Buddha Tantric Dharma cultivation to free one from worries and, therefore, attain enlightenment, and be liberated from life and death. With the right belief of wisdom, one can understand the real appearance of truth.

The Characteristics of True Buddha School

  • Emphasis on honoring the Guru, treasuring to the Dharma, and practicing diligently. Also, focus on practical cultivation to prove that Buddhism is a rational non-superstitious teaching.
  • The True Buddha Tantric Dharma practice book collects the essentials of many Buddhism sects and presents the key points. It is the most suitable Buddhism sect for modern day people to practically cultivate to purify karmic obstacles.
  • True Buddha School is liberal – it treats other religious traditions equally and with respect.
  • Spiritually, the school teaches people to purify ignorance and delusion.

The Emphasis of Behavior in True Buddha School Cultivation

  • External kind deeds: do not perform bad deeds; do kind deeds.
  • Internal self reflection: Through the cultivation of the Tantric Dharma, one can purify the acts of body, speech, and mind, and achieve the ideal in becoming a Buddha.
  • Advocate an organization of freedom and democracy. Therefore creating a lively and efficacious sect of Buddhism.

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