Living Buddha Lian-sheng

Living Buddha Lian-sheng

Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Sheng-yen Lu, is one of the greatest accomplishers in modern day Tantric Buddhism. Currently, over 4 million people have taken refuge in his True Buddha School. His disciples are spread all over the world including Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, and more than 20 other countries. There are more than 300 chapters around the world, including more than 60 chapters from Taiwan, and the number is still increasing. Additionally, many Tibetan rinpoches and great reverends from other Buddhism sects have also taken refuge under him and practice the True Buddha Tantric Dharma.

When Living Buddha Lian-sheng and his family moved to Seattle, he stayed secluded for three years in the attic of his house (named the “Spiritually Immortal Pavilion”) in Ballard, WA to cultivate the Tantric dharma. He practiced and completed the essences in Kriya Tantra, Cultivation Tantra, Yoga Tantra, and Anuttarayoga Tantra. Consequently, he accomplished the highest stage of attainment by merging into the sea of the dharmakaya, completing the Eight External Accomplishments Dharma and the Eight Internal Accomplishments Dharma.

The Sutra of Authentic Dharma that Removes Hindrances and Bestows Good Fortune (referred to as The True Buddha Sutra) is a sutra created from the mind and understanding of Living Buddha Lian-sheng while merged with the sea of the dharmakaya. It is one of the important sutras that is chanted in True Buddha School.
In the three years of Living Buddha’s retreat and cultivation, countless Tantric patriarchs appeared in their dharma body forms during his meditation and instructed him with the
“most profound essence teaching” and “profound internal essence teaching”.

Since 1990, Living Buddha Lian-sheng has given dharma talks ceaselessly, which are based on his cultivation experiences, to benefit sentient beings. His dharma talks are recorded in the form of books, audio and video recordings.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s dharma talks are relaxing, humorous, and abundant in teachings. Unlike traditional dharma talks where Buddhist teachings are explained based primarily on the sutras and scriptures, Living Buddha Lian-sheng merges his actual cultivation attainment experiences with the teachings, and presents the audience with the essential teachings in an easy to understand, lively, and interesting manner.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng started writing as early as 1963 in high school, and his work was seen in newspapers and magazines. He was an active writer in his early age, where his focus was on prose, poetry, and critique. After delving into Buddhism, he focused his writings on the study of spiritual cultivation.

The Sheng-yen Lu book collection is the recording of Living Buddha Lian-sheng’s journey in cultivation starting from a commoner to an enlightened sage. Currently, over 200 books have been published and are translated into English, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Indian, Indonesian, Thai and other languages. These books are published and circulated widely all over the world, and the full collection is kept in the U.S Library of Congress. One could say he is the most proliferate writer in spreading Buddhism through writings. His books are an indispensable guide in life for every person who seeks truth.

Living Buddha Lian-sheng is currently residing at the Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple to give dharma talks on The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch where he continues to work tirelessly to persist with his great compassionate vow to deliver sentient beings.

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