City Deity Altar

The City Deity Altar is located on the “tiger side” (left side) on the first floor of the Grand Hall. This altar is dedicated to the City Deity, General Fan Wu-Jiu (“Black Impermanence”), General Xie Bi-An (“White Impermanence”), General Cow Head, and the General Horse Face. At the two sides of the altar is a mounted couplet which reads, “Three feet above the head there is deity; Reflecting yourself like a clear blue sky”. This symbolizes the spirit of City Deity whose job is to award the good and punish the bad. In addition, this deity protects kind sentient beings with a peaceful life and career.

City Deity (1)

City Deity (2)

General Fan Wu-Jiu

General Xie Bi-An

General Cow Head

General Horse Face

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